The Meeting was called to order at 7:06 pm on May 12, 2022, Via Zoom Meeting. Introductions were made. The April 7, 2022, minutes were approved as posted to the Dakota Chapter, TU website (


Dan Drenkow, Andrew D, Jeff, Royce, BOB, Dave Swanson, Jeremy, & John Wright.

Treasurers Report:

We had $20927.28 post Banquet. We spent money for Trees, Posts, Facebook advertising, and had a double banquet charge. This leaves us with $19,503.15 in the bank.

New Member Report:

We had 8 new members in March, 3 in April, and 9 in May so far. We also had a chapter add. We have had 58 memberships expire the last 3 months, 20 set to expire and of the April / May 2 of those are from the banquet.

Editor’s Report:

If you have pics from the Tree Event / Banquet, please send over to Dan for our next episode.

Social Media Report:

Facebook banquet boost gathered us 1,400 views and 44 clicks. We can prove that we had at least 1 attendee from the Facebook Advertising boost.

Old Business:

  1. IRS Form 990:

The Dakota TU 990N was completed by the Chapter President April 5, 2022.

  1. TU Annual Activity Report:

Our Annual Chapter Activity Report was completed May 9th. Please keep track of volunteer hours worked in aid of the chapter this FY so we can log for our report next year.

  1. Banquet:

This was our most successful on record. The chapter maid $6,348.64 in profit this year (this is about $3,000 more than our Average). The trout tokens are believed to be a part of the success. We took in more cash than credit cards (over $3,000 in cash and $2,000 in credit cards). Breaking down Further we had $1,115 in Ticket Sales, $450 in Donations, $9,8961.84 in goods sold, and around $3,000 in expenses. Of the Trout tokens sold about $1.1K were sold in cash. The Card Deck games sold out all 3 decks and averaged $400 per deck sold. The silent auction took in over $1,700. The Cap auction took in $3456. We had 74 attendees.

We have room for 10 tables at 8 people each. That said, we are likely outgrowing Cherry Creek. We may need to investigate a different venue for next year. Some idea’s thrown out were The Alliance, Harrisburg Event Center, any other ideas? We did have 11 unused sponsor tickets this year. That said, we cost ourselves $250 in un-used meals. Thoughts on how to keep from happening.

The group decided we could use a better official banquet committee. This would help take some pressure off Royce and allow for more involvement / a smoother banquet going forward. We discussed looking for a Sponsorship Team, Game, Team, Auction Team, etc. We are also looking for volunteers to help with speaking. We would like to hear from more people than just Royce and allow him to spend his money!!

  1. Tree Planting:

The Tree Planting event took place May 7, 2022. 9 or 10 people attended. Overall, it took about an hr. The group planted 7 trees

  1. Fall Casting for Recovery:

The Fall Casting for recovery event at Ponca State Park, NE is slated to take place September 23-25, 2022. The Team is looking for Volunteers for the fishing event on Saturday September 25.

  1. Other Old Business:

New Business:

  1. Chapter Trip to Black Hills:

June 10,11,12, 2022. Whispering Pines: basecamp. Other lodging accommodations: Camp Fire Cabins. Make sure to purchase a fishing license.

  1. Let’s Go Fishing Event:

David Parker of the Outdoor Campus has asked us if we would be interested in purchasing some fishing licenses for participants of the event. The event is being put on between The Outdoor Campus and the Multi-Cultural center here in Sioux Falls. This 3-day event includes an into to fishing session, fishing classes on day 2, and on Day 3 they clean and cook their catch before enjoying it. Anyone under 18 would not need a license. 5-6 families are anticipated to attend with a max of 12 adults. In South Dakota an annual license runs about $42 after the license cost, habitat stamp fee, and the processing fees. This would cost the Chapter around $400.

Dan, Jeremy, and Jeff, all said it was a good idea. Royce made an official motion to spend up to $500 on the licenses, and Dave Swanson made the 2nd approval of the motion. The motion carried Unanimously.

  1. Adopt a Lake:

May 14th 9:30 at Vermillion. Discussion is still being finalized if we intend to do Rollings the same day. Plan for 9:30 am at the East Boat Ramp. More to come in an email following this meeting.

  1. Cook Ditch Renovation / Spearfish Creek Initiative:

Ron Koth is one of our Chapter Leads on this project. Currently for the Ditch Creek Renovation funding is falling short with the Natural Resources Conservation group. They have re-submitted under the National Fish passage program grant to see if they can get funding that way.

  1. Calendar Updates:
  • August 8th meeting Family Park
  • Fall Adopt-A-Lake September 10th.
  • Fall Fish in Driftless September 23rd -25th.
    • Both Same Day.
  • Holiday Party December 8th
    • Crooked Pint? Other idea?

Current program ideas for September, October, and November include Steve and Rhett on Gary Creek Re-Schedule from today, Spay Casting Videos Presented by Jim Boorman, Brule River Presentation / Trip.

  1. Other New Business:

Other Items of Interest:

  1. Sign up for SDWF Camo Coalition alerts:

Consider going to and scrolling down to “The Camo Coalition”; to sign up for alerts.

  1. Check out the “TAKE ACTION” tab near the bottom of home page:

A variety of ways we can each impact Coldwater fisheries conservation

  1. Facebook Pages that might interest you:

Backcountry Hunters & Anglers; Orvis Fly Fishing; D.C. Booth Historic National Fish Hatchery and Archives; South Dakota Wildlife Federation

With that, the meeting was un-officially adjourned and Transferred into some general Gary Creek Discussion.

The May 12th, 2022, minutes were prepared by Andrew Hershman, Secretary, Dakota Trout Unlimited.

On Going Reminders:

  1. Our next Official meeting is March 10, 2022, at the Outdoor Campus in Sioux Falls.
  2. Save your issues of “Trout” magazine to give them to the chapter to be given out at future events.
  3. The GF&P has an updated 2018 addition of the Black Hills of South Dakota Fishing Guide.
  4. Please like our Facebook page at Dakota Trout Unlimited and our website for up-to-date Chapter news and information.