Dakota Chapter, Trout Unlimited 

Minutes for Meeting Dated March 11, 2021

The Meeting was called to order at 7:01 pm on March 11, 2021 via zoom and in person at the Scheels store in Sioux Falls. Introductions were made. The February 11, 2021 minutes were approved as posted to the Dakota Chapter, TU website (https://www.dakotatu.org). We had 15 attendees.

Treasurers Report:

We have approximately $11,782 in the bank.

New Member Report:

We had 1 new member and 1 renewal.

Editor’s Report: Check out the latest issue of the newsletter at www.dakotatu.org or check your email for a link. Continue sending content to Dan.

Social Media Report:

We have set up a private members only page. Anything you wish to post for example, pics, gear, tips, etc. Search Dakota TU and become a member of the group.

Old Business:

1. Banquet:

The show will go on. Our Annual Dakota TU Banquet is set for April 17th at Cherry Creek in Sioux Falls. Please Purchase tickets if you have not. Last year’s tickets will be honored. To purchase tickets go to the Dakota TU Website all cards or pay pal accepted. Royce and Tristan have decided to pay the $1 / day for some social media blasts on Facebook to try and get some added media time.

Don’t forget to bring a guest. TU members get entered into a drawing for a gift card. If your guest becomes a member there first year dues will be paid by Dakota Trout Unlimited and they will be entered into a drawing for a gift card.

Volunteers needed. Setup will start at 4pm. Check-in table will be manned by Royce and Tristan. We still need volunteers for Bucket Raffle and Silent Auction. We also need volunteers to assist with the games. Guess the number of flies will be Matt. That still leaves an opening for the High Low cards, Dice, Last Fly-Fisher Standing, Guided Carp Trip Card Game. Dan will help with Door Prizes.

Cakes will be auctioned off instead of desert. Under 1 of the cakes we will have a $50 gift card to Scheels. If anyone knows and auctioneer let Royce know.

2. Adopt A Lake:

Dakota TU currently is sponsoring Lake Vermillion. Look for details as to our next cleanup sometime in mid-May. We will also be having a cleanup at Rolling’s Game Production Ponds in Hudson later this spring as well.

Kip Rounds was a guest at the meeting this month. He informed us that the program has been on-going for 2-3 years. The GF&P provides all the equipment including a trailer to haul away debris. Kip mentioned that Rolling’s has a 9”-12” average on Trout. He also talked a bit about Lake Alvin just east of Harrisburg. They have a project coming to help with water quality and to re-build the damaged spillway from the 2019 flooding. This project is going to be a complete watershed renovation including the lake and 9 mile creek. The entire watershed contains 28,000 acres of land that flow into Lake Alvin which is approximately 100 acres. The GF&P is working with an engineering firm to take the lead and are actively looking for partners.

John, Kips counterpart from the Black Hills, said it would be great if we would sponsor a body of water that direction. We are currently looking into the Rapid Creek or Spearfish Creek Watershed as our most likely options. The intention of the group is to sponsor a body of water and incorporate cleanup with Booth Days if the program continues or with our annual chapter trip.

3. Outdoor Campus Virtual Fly-Tying Class:

This virtual class is to run April 1, 8, and 15th. The Class will run from 7-8:30pm. We may need some assistance getting the kits ready.

4. Spring Chapter Trip:

The Spring Chapter Trip will be held June 11-13 at Whispering Pines Campground.

5. Fiscal Year 2021 ends March 31, 2021:

The annual report is due by May 15th to TU National. Our form 990N is due August 15th. Please help us gather any volunteer hours for meetings, trips, Adopt a Lake, Big Sioux River Greenway cleanup, Tying Flies, Banquet prep, etc.

New Business:

1. Possible Black Hills Collaboration w/ BHFF:

Brady Gabel is proposing and opportunity for us to partner with Black Hills Fly-Fishers. The project would involve the Castle Creek walk-in area below the dam on Deerfield Lake. In the 1980s BHFF did a stream bank restoration project. Since lots of erosion due to cattle degradation and usage has occurred. The proposal is to add fencing from the Road to the dam. The forest service has some strict rules and the GF&P is working to help collaborate and find options. The estimated cost is $200,000 for the entire 3.2 mile stretch. The goal for funding is BHFF, the Conservation Stamp, and other resources for funding. This project will be similar to a project in the Big Horns on Soldier Creek. One obstacle for funding we

might have is the lack of boots on the ground. Royce and Andrew are going to look into other resources from TU national. Look for more info at further meetings.

2. Next meeting, May 13, 2021; Outdoor Campus:

Our next meeting is to be held Thursday May 13th at the Outdoor Campus at 7pm. We will have no April meeting as the Banquet serves as the April meeting.

3. June Meeting:

Our June Meeting will take place at Whispering Pines Campground during our spring trip.

4. Scheels Fish Fest April 30 – May 1:

We are intending on hosting a booth at Scheels Fish Fest to help get our name out. If you are able to volunteer to help please contact Royce or Andrew.

5. Lower Whitewood Creek:

Per an article in a recent issue of the BHFF newsletter info has come out to explain the reason for closed access to Lower Whitewood Creek. The South Dakota Supreme Court has decided that the land is to be given back to the adjacent landowners after the railroad moved out.

Other Items of Interest:

1. Sign up for SDWF Camo Coalition alerts: Consider going to www.sdwf.org and scrolling down to “The Camo Coalition”; to sign up for alerts. 2. Check out the “TAKE ACTION” tab near the bottom of www.tu.org home page:

A variety of ways we can each impact Coldwater fisheries conservation

3. Facebook Pages that might interest you:

Backcountry Hunters & Anglers; Orvis Fly Fishing; D.C. Booth Historic National Fish Hatchery and Archives; South Dakota Wildlife Federation

The group has discussed creating a Facebook group in addition to the page we have so that others can post content such as fish stories, favorite ties, gear for sale, etc. Tristan and Royce are going to work together to get a group set up. They were still discussing going private or anyone can join. Seek Facebook for more details.

With that, the meeting was adjourned at 8:27pm following a 1-hour 26-minute business meeting.

The March 11th, 2021 minutes were prepared by Andrew Hershman, Secretary; Dakota Trout Unlimited.

On Going Reminders:

1. Our next Official meeting is March 11, 2021 at Scheels in Sioux Falls and via Zoom.

2. Save your issues of “Trout” magazine to give them to the chapter to be given out at future events.

3. The GF&P has an updated 2018 addition of the Black Hills of South Dakota Fishing Guide.

4. Please like our Facebook page at Dakota Trout Unlimited and our website https://www.dakotatu.org for up to date Chapter news and information.